Thursday, October 20, 2011

Melbourne Vacate Cleaning

Need a Cleaner Services specialise in vacate cleaning for both tenants who are moving house and Real Estate agents and Property Managers who are left with the task of preparing rental properties for the next tenant.
We have consulted with the major Real Estate Franchises to devise the following checklist - ensuring a smooth transition between properties: 

All doors and cupboard doors wiped down
All scuff marks / finger marks removed from walls where possible
Cobwebs cleared indoors
All skirting boards / power points/ lights switches dusted throughout
All carpets cleaned vacuumed
All glass wiped clean where possible.


All surfaces clean & tidy
Light fittings cleaned
Mirrors clean
All tiled areas/ splashbacks clean
Vanity shelves & drawers clean
Shower recess clean including screen
All Toilets clean
All cupboards/doors wiped down
Bath clean
Taps & faucets clean
Floor clean
Exhaust fan cleaned


All surfaces clean & tidy
Oven & cook top thoroughly cleaned
Range hood/exhaust fan cleaned
Any scuff marks removed from walls where possible
All cupboards/doors wiped down
Draws cleaned inside & out
Light fittings cleaned
Benches & sinks cleaned
Skirting Boards cleaned
All tiled areas/ splashbacks clean
Floor vacuumed and mopped


All glass & mirrors clean
Light fittings cleaned
All cupboards/doors wiped down
Skirting Boards cleaned
Carpets vacuumed /floors clean


All surfaces clean & tidy
All glass & mirrors clean
Light fittings cleaned
Cupboards cleaned
All cupboards/doors wiped down
Skirting Boards cleaned
Carpets vacuumed / floors clean

Cleaning Services Melbourne

Tired of cleaning?
Too busy moving to complete the cleaning?
Are you moving out or moving into a rental property?
Don't understand your real estate agents end of lease cleaning standards?
Worried about your bond money?

We've got the right solution for you. Here at Move Out Cleaning, we offer you our latest steam cleaning technology, equipment and the skill of our operators.  They are experts in real estate cleaning, exit cleaning, vacate cleaning and move out cleaning. By using Move Out Cleaning, you will have the cleaning job you need.

The best part of this is you get a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and Bond Money Guarantee. Our commitment to achieving 100% customer satisfaction, ensures that you will have the best experience when you use our cleaning services. Our goal is to keep our customers happy, all the time.

When you select one of our services, you’re not just getting your work done, you’re getting one of the finest cleaning companies in Melbourne. We are one of the most trusted names when it comes to cleaning. Move Out Cleaning proudly serves Melbourne and the surrounding areas.

Move Out Cleaning have worked very closely with real estate agents for many years. When you’re vacating your rental property or selling your property our operators will bring your property up to the correct standard. We can organize carpet steam cleaning, windows cleaning, general cleaning, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, blinds cleaning and much more to make your property stunning.  Most importantly, we will ensure you don’t lose your bond due to an inferior cleaning job.

You can be sure that when the Keen To Clean staff visits your home, you will get 100% satisfaction from our carpet cleaning service in all Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide suburbs.

Cleaning Services Melbourne

Facts about Carpet Cleaning
Daily vacuuming is the most important cleaning activity, but deep extraction cleaning must be performed to remove stubborn or embedded soil. The most of carpet manufacturer recommends that carpet be dry- or wet-extraction cleaned a minimum of every 12 months before it shows soiling. Use a cleaning method recommended by the carpet manufacturer to maintain their warranty. Carpet should receive regular deep cleaning to maintain its good looks and keep it in its peak conditions.

There are two basic methods used by Move Out Cleaning:

1. Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction) Method
Steam cleaning sometimes also referred as ‘Hot Water Extraction’. In this method, hot cleaning solution is sprayed under pressure onto the carpet and is immediately extracted with a vacuum source. The dirty solution is collected in a recovery tank. The advantage of this system is that is has the ability to flush out large amounts of soil and contaminants in carpet. The machine may employ rotary brushes or another agitating device to work the solution into the pile and loosen soil which is included into ‘Deluxe’ and ‘Blue Ribbon’ Cleaning option.
2. Dry Cleaning (Bonnet) Method
Dry Cleaning sometimes also referred as ‘Bonnet Cleaning’. In this method, the cleaning product is misted onto the carpet in the form of a spray. Next, a circular rotating buffer with an absorbent pad attached is run over the carpet. The soil attaches itself to the pad and the pad is changed with a clean one after becoming dirty. This method has the advantage of drying very quickly because of the small amount of moisture used. It generally does a good job of cleaning the top 1/3 of the carpet pile that is visible to the eye.

You can be sure that when the Move Out Cleaning staff visits your home, you will get 100% satisfaction from our carpet cleaning service in all Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide suburbs.

Move Out Cleaning Services Melbourne


We expert staffs clean your property according to the real estate requirements. We offer an affordable price and the great thing is that you don’t have to clean all the property yourself. We’ll do that for you.
We have been working for many different real estate agents and property managers so we know what the real estate requirements are.


Carpet Cleaning – your carpets are either steam cleaned or dry cleaned. We provide a professional carpet cleaning receipt.
Kitchen Cleaning – cleaning services includes: stove top cleaning, oven cleaning, range hood cleaning, exhaust fan cleaning, cupboards cleaning, bench top wipe over, floor vacuum and mopping, cobwebs removal, marks removal, skirting wipe over, door and door frames wipe over.
Bathroom Cleaning – we provide shower screen cleaning, shower recess and tiles cleaning, basing and cupboards cleaning, floor vacuum and mopping, cobwebs removal, marks removal, skirting wipe over, door and door frames wipe over.
Room Cleaning – our service includes cobweb removals, marks removal, skirting wipe over, dusting of venations or blinds, door and door frames wipe over.
Toilet Cleaning – we provide cobweb removal, marks removal, skirting wipe over, toilet bowl cleaning, door and door frames wipe over.
Windows Cleaning – all windows and window frame are cleaned from inside the house. We ensure a streak-free and dust free window.
Optional Cleaning – These optional cleaning to be carried at additional cost.
Walls Cleaning – we offer marks removal and washing of all walls inside the house.
Furniture Cleaning – dusting, furniture wipe over, upholstery steam cleaning.
Outdoor Cleaning – garage sweeping, cobweb removal, driveway sweeping, window cleaning, and balcony cleaning.
Appliances Cleaning – refrigerator cleaning, dish washing cleaning, washing machine cleaning.
Rubbish Removal – we also remove all rubbish or garbage from inside to outside of the property.
No other cleaning companies clean like we do. We also guarantee you a 100% customer satisfaction. We are the one of the trusted name when it comes to your cleaning needs.